Here is a better explanation about the "not undefined behaviour" claims in std::collections I complained about earlier.

Disclaimer: Not legal advice, ask your lawyer!!

If you use in a corporate environment you should be aware of the licensing that exist on . uses Visual Studio Build tools, and it follows the rules of VS Community edition unless you have a payed license.

250 pc's or $1 mill revenue will put you squarely into definition of enterprise.

The community license is here:

The post that reminded me of this is:

Have you ever had an idea that could improve the rush hour traffic in your area? A/B street is a traffic simulator that gives you that ability.

It downloads data from and simulates people driving to and from work. This gives you the option to try out things, and possibly improve the situation.

If you're really bold you can then bring this to your local politicians.

Recent podcast:

Third time's a charm?

Raph Levien make another stab at a UI framework for .

His text editor PoC was very interesting, but is now on hiatus. The next project is the UI framework and as far as I know it is still going.

Now there is a refreshed idea named and it promises to solve a lot of the issues and be better suited for .

Hopefully some fruits are born from this research that will allow great things for UIs in

As of nushell 0.62.0, if you get a `nu::shell` error, you'll get a link you can click (first image).

If you click on that link, it'll take you straight to the docs (in!) for that error (second image), with a handy "Resolution" section!

Yay miette! #rust

If you don't know yet about, you definitely should - this is super handy!


Building a crawler in #Rust [4/6]

Now that we have a fast concurrent crawler in Rust, it's time to actually parse the HTML and turn it into structured data (remember, this process is called scraping).


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I played around with #rust a little bit a while ago (and then had to stop so I could focus on finishing grad school) but I'm getting back into it now, and it's just a delight to work with, honestly.

Many are taking an Electron based approach to using the same sources for web and desktop.

egui is an option if you wanted to do the opposite of that. Having a native 3d accelrated app on the desktop that also run in the web browser is possible.

You can try out a lot of the features at

Latest version 0.18.0 was released a few hours ago.

Changelog is available at

one thing i like about #rustlang is that thorough documentation is the embraced norm. The Rust book is really good and many projects big and small go out of their way to document as best they can. It makes a big difference.

This isn't something you see very often. Way more common for #startups to get rounds and rounds of funding predicated on nothing before they go under. These are se smart folks! #rust #rustlang #tech

cargo-nextest is just amazing, you should definitely give it a try

#rustlang #rust

The more I work with #rustlang the more I feel like is Rust's biggest unsolved problem. I love the language, but the default package registry makes me worry.

A centralized repository, no namespaces, rampant squatting, overly hands-off management, lacking transparency, lacking security policies, vulnerable to supply-chain attacks, etc.

It makes it hard for me to argue for using Rust+crates for anything besides hobby coding. Though entirely avoiding crates is still an option I guess...

I just noticed this interesting quote from the HashMap documentation.

"The behavior resulting from such a logic error is not specified, but will not result in undefined behavior. This could include panics, incorrect results, aborts, memory leaks, and non-termination."

Am I missing something or does this say "we don't define the behaviour, but it is not undefined"?


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